We validate and empower Black & Brown early-stage entrepreneurs.

We do this through investment, mentoring, commercial expansion, and business development. Join our network of future tech stars.

Barriers limit Black and Brown founders' access to crucial resources and contribute to the persistent lack of investment, with under 2% of venture capital reaching them.

Join our community. We're excited to help you hit your 10x potential.

Through our Plug In Programs, we engage and empower Black and Latinx early stage entrepreneurs. We have 2 core program tracks. Our Tech Accelerator and the Plug In Labs. But there’s much more.

Ongoing Resources

Week to Week Help

Month to Month Access to VIPs

Growth Requires Fuel
i.e Capital & Opportunity

Doing anything alone is a way of the past. Plug In offers two critical catalysts for startup empowerment. We identify untapped talent among Black and Latinx founders, providing guidance, connections, and support from inception to maturity. With over 500 founders supported across diverse sectors, our community has collectively raised $30 million and created jobs across their respective sectors. While these numbers are modest, we anticipate significant growth as new and ambitious founders join our community. What will be your contribution?

Our programs specifically cater to Entrepreneurial Startup Nurturing within Plug In.

Our Tech Accelerator helps build unique and talented early-stage startups. Plug In Labs help startups listen, learn, pitch, and get feedback from VCs and tech pros of various levels.

Prepare to raise capital

Develop and frame business strategy and pitch

Define opportunities to grow and scale your business

Connect with local leaders for mentorship and guidance

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Membership Testimonials

“We appreciated the industry experts the program offered. It's helpful to hear people's perspectives. I think having access to a program like this, it allows for a lot of us that have these natural skill sets to build scalable products.”
"Participating in Plug In Ventures was an intentional choice to find people who share my background, make friends. I was looking for community, and I found it. Having a place like Plug In Ventures where you get to meet and build community is especially important. It's a non-judgemental place where you get to speak your mind and share ideas. The program helped with making some introductions to potential investors, but more than that, I think the takeaway from me was community and tools."
"I thought the high touch, small group experience was very beneficial. Most other accelerators have very large cohorts and it is easy to get lost in the mix. Your team [Plug In Ventures] was amazing about taking the time, energy and focus to invest in each one of us."

Our Membership Programs

Tech Accelerator Program

Our Tech Accelerator Program stimulates opportunities for dynamic businesses and business owners in our Black and Latinx communities by enabling and supporting startups and entrepreneurs in South LA and other diverse communities around the country.

Plug In Labs

Plug In Labs are innovative, interactive series that cultivate the next generation of founders, connecting them to mentorships, vital business resources, and an ever-growing entrepreneurship ecosystem.

We Work With Leaders From