Greycroft Investor Brentt Baltimore to Speak at UTC 2020

Plug In South LA proudly announces that investor Brentt Baltimore will be speaking at Urban Tech Connect // Forward 2020. Based in Los Angeles, he sources, evaluates, and executes venture stage investment opportunities for the leading VC firm Greycroft.

Baltimore received a BA from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He began his career in investment banking at Credit Suisse in Los Angeles, where he focused on leveraged buyouts and debt financing transactions.

Before he joined Greycroft, Baltimore led business development at Operator, a venture stage company in the conversational commerce space. He also worked on technology commercialization at the artificial intelligence research company Numenta. At Detroit Venture Partners, he led investment diligence and supported portfolio companies.

“The core learning of my journey is that I happened to be introduced to worlds that I didn’t know about — and I did everything in my power to close the gap,” Baltimore says.

Greycroft is a global firm focused on investing in internet and mobile companies with amounts that range from $100,000 at the seed stage to as much as $35 million. Last year Greycroft participated in a $200 million round of Series D financing for mobile game developer and publisher Scopely. Recently the firm helped lead a $15 million Series B round of funding for, a startup aimed at democratizing stock investing.

Baltimore says he’s passionate about investing in revolutionary products, and building businesses that redefine industries. This year’s Urban Tech Connect theme resonates with him.

“‘Forward’ is the action of pushing boundaries for myself, my family, and the industry that I work in,” he says. “Moving from ‘don’t know what you don’t know’ to ‘know what you don’t know’ is the most powerful jump forward in the knowledge cycle.”

Baltimore joins an impressive group of speakers virtually for the conference, September 15-17. Register to attend and learn firsthand what VCs are looking for before they decide to invest.

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