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Tech Founder Lorena Soriano Diversifies STEM Companies from Top to Bottom

Entrepreneur Lorena Soriano wants to see more women of color working in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. So the Latina community leader founded the software-as-a-service company Every POINT ONE to help leaders in the industry implement better practices.

“We are known for our tagline,” she told the South Seattle Emerald. “Every 0.1% matters when you’re changing the stats in STEM to ensure we have an inclusive future.”

Soriano studied biochemistry at the University of Nevada, spent six years working for Fortune 500 companies, and started Every POINT ONE in 2019. Their pilot program launches soon. Forbes named her a 30 Under 30 Fellow and featured her in their Trailblazer series this year.

“Every POINT ONE taught me that when you step out onto the ledge and accept risk, your goals and ‘why’ can become greater than yourself, leaving no room for imposter syndrome or hesitation,” she told Forbes. “It becomes the best version of starting a new business — entrepreneurship to make an impact.”

For this edition of the Plug In South LA Beat, our regular curation of must-read innovation and tech news, we’re drawing inspiration from Soriano’s approach:

Latina Tech Founder Lorena Soriano Reimagines STEM Inclusivity

Lorena Soriano. Credit: University of Washington