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Entrepreneur John Henry Transforms Auto Insurance with Tech

John Henry’s impressive resumé includes launching the accelerator Cofound Harlem, hosting “Hustle” on Vice TV, being named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and co-founding the VC firm Harlem Capital.

Now the driven entrepreneur wants to make auto insurance more equitable using smart technology. He and tech expert Carey Anne Nadeau co-founded Loop, a B-Corp auto insurance provider that uses proprietary artificial intelligence to measure road safety and customers’ driving behavior on those roads as the basis for pricing. Loop launches later this year, Black Enterprise reported.

For today’s curation of tech and innovation articles, the Plug In South LA Beat, we’re buckling up as Henry risks it all to revolutionize an industry worth $256 billion a year:

John Henry Opens Up About His Next Chapter: Revolutionizing the Auto Insurance Industry to Become More Equitable

Photo: Loop co-founder and co-CEO John Henry. Credit: Loop