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Local Program Leaves LA’s Cannabis Entrepreneurs in the Lurch

L.A.’s program for cannabis entrepreneurs was supposed to boost social equity when it started accepting applications in 2019. But serious delays since then have hurt the founders that the program promised to support.

“The halting rollout of the program has been especially galling to applicants at a time when L.A. is facing demands to reinvest in communities of color,” Emily Alpert Reyes wrote in the Los Angeles Times. “More legal cannabis shops could also help dampen L.A.’s budget problems, with tax revenue from marijuana businesses expected to jump 79% this fiscal year.”

In this edition of the Plug In South LA Beat, we look at how the city’s program has been draining local entrepreneurs:

L.A.’s Promise of Social Equity for Marijuana Businesses Has Been Painfully Slow for Entrepreneurs

Photo Credit: Esteban Lopez on Unsplash