“Black entrepreneurs in Miami feel bypassed by the tech boom”.

The Miami Tech industry has been expanding and the city with its denizens are beginning to finally realize how big it truly is becoming. 

Black business owners are forging their own paths to success. Their goals are similar to those of other digital entrepreneurs, but they are more urgent: to build generational wealth while uplifting and strengthening Black and Brown communities through innovation, 

“I am leaning on the resources that I already have, and the relationships and resources that I do know work,” said Dani Spikes, founder of BeLoved Box, a monthly subscription self-care and beauty box company, which has now reached seven-figure sales numbers since its founding in 2016.

The Orlando Sentinel does a deep dive into how the Miami culture is adjusting to this new technological immigration. 

Link: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/florida/os-ne-black-entrepreneurs-in-miami-feel-bypassed-by-the-tech-boom-20211121-ej35m7mfnzgxrfmjasbojwkqpy-story.html

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