“Black tech entrepreneurs are bridging the racial divide in the health care system”.

In 2021 the topic of wellness is one that is on everybody’s mind. We are also living in the age of “Web M.D,” and where distrust in the medical community is running rampant. One entrepreneur, though, has gone out of her way to change the system. Ashlee Wisdom has developed her own wellness operation, “Health in Her Hue” which is here to combat those 21st-century concerns.

The website connects patients with therapists, doulas, doctors, nurses, and whatever medical profession is needed. The website has seen thousands of users of color.

Wisdom got the idea for her app after breaking out in hives while working at a job while in graduate school.

“It was really bad,” Wisdom tells NPR. “My hand would just swell up, and I couldn’t figure out what it was.”

Wisdom’s allergist, a Caucasian lady, was likewise perplexed by the breakouts, telling her to take two Allegra every day to alleviate the discomfort. “I recall thinking that if she had been a Black lady, I would have told her a little more about my life,” Wisdom adds.

She was motivated to start an online community as a result of the experience. Her concept began as a simple one. She discovered health information in scholarly papers, looked for visually appealing photographs to accompany the text, and then shared the material on Instagram.

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