CannaGo: The Delivery System you will want to know about.

“Let’s be buds,” is a heart-warming sentiment from a group of young entrepreneurs who want to see a better world. Matthew Gaffney, N. Victor Nwadike, and Kevin Tolliver came together at a Morehouse info session. These three young men quickly realized that their talents could be brought together to advance something more significant than what they ever thought was possible. Each of them had assets in marketing, development, and engineering. So like any classic superhero origin story; they assembled and started their first endeavor, CannaGo.

In the age of CBD and its promotion, CannaGo takes the two things that people love in the age of COVID-19 home delivery and worry-free attitudes. If someone were a medical marijuana user, imagine being able to have a delivery option. USPHARMACIST.COM did a study that revealed that 80% of medical marijuana users are in chronic pain. The advantage of a delivery option speaks for itself. The team, though, has taken steps to ensure that they handle this most responsibly. Age verification is required to put an order into CannaGo, and the team dots their I’s and crosses their T’s with a secure dropoff and certified drivers.

“I hope this changes people’s lives by bridging the gap and ensuring that the masses have a standard way of accessing safe products,” stated N. Victor Nwadike, an engineer based out of Atlanta, Ga (where the recent Georgia Hemp Farming Act, HB 213 was passed). Canago is the first step into a brave new world for the three co-founders. They are currently in private funding as they take a step that will echo across the world.

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