“Edtech and its advancements in empowering Black Coders”.

A fast-growing EdTech company situated in Tennessee. As chief strategy officer, Isaac Y. Addae, an assistant professor at Tennessee State University, has joined the duo

“Black-owned, totally remote technology education hub that promotes minorities interested in technology jobs,” according to the computer training institution. Its goal is to “empower minority students with in-demand technical skills in a sector that has historically lacked racial diversity, while also building a $100 million company.” “We are working with business partners to upskill their talent,” said the company, which trains “minorities to go into tech roles.”

John Mundy,  co-founder founded Pivot Technology School, a fast-growing Tennessee-based EdTech startup added,

  “There are less than 3% of minorities that have tech careers and we want to change that paradigm and create pipelines of highly trained talent to these organizations. We want to expose as many adults as possible to coding and data analytics”.

Originally published by https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackkelly/2021/12/09/two-young-black-entrepreneurs-started-an-edtech-school-to-help-underserved-groups-pivot-into-fast-growing-well-paying-tech-jobs/?sh=524e8bf44449

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