Founder Highlight: Cassie Betts

The climb for Cassie Betts to success was not an easy one. Trial and tribulations were all that awaited her. Homeless at the age of 19. Cassie knew that she wanted a better future for herself and her community. She wanted better than what was being offered. She then started “MADE IN SOUTH L.A”, a program that trains kids in technology.

Since then Betts has moved up in the tech world and is now the head of Tech and Innovation at the “Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation”. Betts also has her hand in many other jars such as VSEDC’s South L.A. Best Buy Teen Tech Center, which is powered by Annenberg Tech.

The VSEDC’s program was created to support businesses and act as a siren for businesses in the area. In an attempt to give back Betts is helping in redefining the narrative of South L.A is one of its many goals.

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