Get ready for Web 3.0

UTC 2022 is upon us and we want to get you ready for some of the great topics to come. 

One of those conversations is Web3. While it is still in its early stages, and as a result, it has received mixed reviews from Wall Street to the basements of crypto bros. What exactly is Web3? What does this mean for the internet’s future? The panelist will provide the business cases for Web3 creator platforms, blockchain, and smart contracts which will be discussed here. 

This discussion will also cover Web3’s metamorphosis since its inception and how it now affects our perception of the tech industry. Recent reports of Web3 include,

Currently estimated to be US$ 87761.35 million by 2030 and googled more than 190,000 times a day. Web3 has proven its staying power.

1.) In 2021, more than 34,000 developers contributed code to open-source Web3 projects

2.)18,000+ developers are actively working on open-source crypto and Web3 projects.

3.) 81% of consumers who have heard about Web 3.0 think that it will improve their happiness and well-being.

Joining us for this conversation is Joe Blau, Founder of Atomize will sit on this panel discussion to add how to build a Web3 community and how Web3 is at the forefront of blockchain technology and its high-earning capability.

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