“Google awards $100K in funding to secure diversity in tech industry.”

The emergence of COVID-19 brought a lot of deterrents in development, careers, and our personal lives. But with those negatives, there were some positives. We learned new ways to connect with each other. Devin Dixon is one of those people who are bringing about positivity during these challenging times. An entrepreneur, tech developer, and community connector is taking the bull that is the tech industry by the horns.

Starting to code at the age of 12, Dixon then went on to start his first business at the age of 19 while in college at UNC Wilmington, where he graduated with a degree in computer science and business. The serial entrepreneur, developer, teacher, and prodigy is now undergoing his next venture. Devin has been awarded the cash reward in Google’s “The Google Black Founders Fund”. The fund, which is designed to bring $100K in non-federal funding to startups to aid during the unexpected COVID-19, Google pledged $10 Million to be spread across 126 startup companies and their founders. Dixon, who is now the founder and C.E.O of “BingeWave”, is now a recipient of this award. Their crystal clear business model being, “Short Form Content That Generates Revenue For Short Films and Web Series, Have Revenue Generating Premieres”.

BingeWave is a live-streaming platform meant for marginalized content such as film to thrive, prosper, and be monetized. BingeWave also caters to web series, documentaries, book tours, podcasts, and musicians. But at the heart of all of Dixon’s many ventures is a heart for community growth. Dixon’s longing to bring people together is apparent in all his ventures. More recently Dixon has acted as a mentor in the Plug-In South LA Accelerator – Cohort 2 whose mission is to stimulate opportunities for businesses and their owners in Black and Latinx communities. At the heart of them is the drive to empower founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are under-represented in their fields.

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