How to choose a strong business name and amplify your brand.

A strong brand name should be distinct, easy to remember, and elicit some form of emotional response from your target clients. If you do not create a memorable and sustainable brand for your company, your brand identity will be swallowed up by the competitors.

Your startup will not be able to launch without a name. However, coming up with an excellent brand name can take some time. When it comes to name your company, there are two best options: You can either come up with your own name or use a company name marketplace.

Storytelling is an extremely effective tool. A story recounts events, places, and experiences to which others can relate. Your personal story is intertwined with your business. Consider your journey thus far and why you chose to start the firm.

Many businesses now have names that tell a narrative. For example, Robinhood, a financial services firm named after the legend of Robin Hood. Through commission-free investing, the organization focuses on the equitable distribution of wealth.

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