How to sell your story through your pitch deck

A flawless pitch — more particularly, a perfect pitch deck — can make or break a startup seeking investment. Delivering a flawless pitch deck gives you access to an investor who could contribute transformational funding to your company, making it the most critical aspect of a successful meeting with a VC.

Embrace the power of six. Strive for no more than six bullet points each page and no more than six words for each bullet. If necessary, provide graphics, but never exceed 36 words in your bulleted list.

Think short and sweet. Your pitch deck is not a long-winded romance novel. It is a summary of the most significant aspects of your startup. Because most VCs look at pitch decks for less than four minutes, keeping your deck brief keeps VCs actively listening to what you have to offer.

Invest in professional VC pitch deck design. Although it may appear that VCs make all of their decisions based on figures, eye-catching pitch deck designs can nevertheless lure them in and keep their attention. Find someone who is skilled at creating strong pitch decks if you aren’t. As the aforementioned angel investor pointed out, it may cost you more than $1,000 to outsource the design to a professional who can make it appear neat and beautiful.

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