“Inpath,” a social media app for the highs and lows of life.

“Inpath,” a new social media app changing the way people interact with social media. Rather than just sharing images that you want to show to the public, the app encourages users to be open and honest about the low points as well.

Ziarekenya Smith, the app’s founder, has spent the last six years designing and developing the software in order to remove negative stigmas and improve comprehension in online interactions. According to Smith, the platform’s goal is to “recreate the human experience” and create a more balanced online environment.

This Black-led social network is being created at a key juncture at which more people are talking about how social media is hurting their mental health. Inpathy seeks to make a difference by encouraging individuals to share both their highs and lows online.

Story originally covered by thegrio

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