Meet AI LA Community’s Todd Terrazas at Urban Tech Connect

Todd Terrazas is a social entrepreneur, collaboration catalyst, and the President of the AI LA Community. Prior to creating AI LA, Todd founded Brainitch — a social enterprise developing an emergency response system for music festivals and large gatherings. The company evolved into custom development for clients where he pioneered the use of chat bots for musicians and live events, and created a consumer research chat bot named H.A.N.S. Todd exited his company to pursue a more meaningful endeavor: the AI LA Community.

AI LA was founded because of a combination of frustration and inspiration. There aren’t enough intellectual conversations focusing on how technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) will impact our lives, society, and industries. More so, this caliber of conversation is usually accessible to only the elite and not the general public. After a series of successful events, Todd realized he was good at and greatly enjoyed bringing people together to discuss technology and philosophy under one roof. Today, the AI LA Community is a California non-profit pursuing 501(c)(3) status with a mission to build a more informed and collaborative world in which humans use AI harmoniously and transparently in everyday life. Todd is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, where he focused on entertainment business and short-form storytelling.

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