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Plug In is the leading startup and tech ecosystem supporting Black and Brown Entrepreneurs from overlooked communities. Since its inception in 2014, Plug In has served as a meeting place for a growing community of entrepreneurs, investors, and tech professionals to innovate, collaborate, and elevate.

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Grow your network with solid connections to founders, serial entrepreneurs, and key decision-makers from top companies nationwide, including leading execs in the VC, tech, product, advertising, and digital media industries.

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Our peer-to-peer platform empowers members to connect, share experiences, and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals from across the nation. Recruit members as business partners, mentors, executives, co-founders, investors, and contributors.

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Join exclusive masterclasses, workshops, networking, and office hour sessions to gain insider knowledge and insights directly from business leaders across the nation.

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For younger tech pros, founders, students, and community supporters.


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For entrepreneurs starting a business or entering the professional game.


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For tech pros and founders who are ready to achieve goals and grow.