Need PR Wins? Think Into the Future First

Oftentimes in new companies, the need for PR will come to mind. We  want all people to buy our service/product, but to do that, our business must display a good image. These strategies will help get desired outcomes for your company. The first thing most businesses try to do is make a big splash. Making a big impression is beneficial, but having a plan in place to convert media attention into specific and sustained momentum is far more beneficial. We live in a shiny-object culture, and as soon as your great hit has its turn in the spotlight, your audience’s collective attention will demand the next dazzling object. Prepare to promote those media hits in your email marketing campaigns, invest in them on social media so that more people can interact with them and discover ways to give them a longer shelf life on your own website.

When thinking about public relations, people should normally start with their long(ish) term corporate objectives, then discuss how certain public relations deliverables may help them reach those goals. At the end of the day, PR, like every other aspect of your business, must assist you in meeting your objectives. When you use this strategy as your compass, it becomes much easier to create a public relations plan that is more valuable than your pals saying, “Hey, I saw you on the news!”

So, begin with the end goal in mind and reverse engineer a program that will assist you in achieving your overall company objective.

Finally, determine early on which key performance indicators (KPIs) will allow you to measure success. These can be unique to your company. For some organizations, it may mean a significant increase in SEO and app downloads. Other organizations may be interested in specific industry leads and newsletter signups. Whatever those exact KPIs are, agree on them as you develop your strategy. You’ll be able to more clearly agree on if your efforts were successful this way.

The common thread throughout these three proposals is that if you’re thinking about investing in public relations, you’ll be far better off if you start with the destination in mind.

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