The Plug In South LA Beat: This Black Female Founder Paves the Way

Crystal Etienne, founder and CEO of Ruby Love, used to dread pitching. But, as she explained in a recent Q&A, she started looking at the process differently.

“I think it’s such an awkward moment for any, or most, founders,” Etienne told Crunchbase for their Female Founder Series. “It wasn’t until I stopped looking at it as pitching and started looking at it as me telling the story of this great company and opportune market that I started to feel completely comfortable.”

That approach paid off. Her period wearables products company, which launched as PantyProp in 2015 and later rebranded as Ruby Love, secured $15 million Series A funding last year from the global investment fund the Craftory.

For this Plug In South LA Beat, our regular curation of must-read innovation and tech news, we’re finding out how Etienne is paving the way for next-gen entrepreneurs:

Fundraising Success Through Authentic Storytelling: Ruby Love CEO & Founder Crystal Etienne Describes Her Journey

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