How Founder Donnel Baird Raised $63 Million for Climate Tech

Environmental retrofits on buildings can seem like a luxury, especially for low-income neighborhoods in major American cities. But climate tech entrepreneur Donnel Baird found a way to make them more accessible.

Baird is the founder and CEO of Brooklyn-based BlocPower, which uses data, thermodynamic models, structured finance, and edge computing to electrify buildings. Savings from lower energy bills helps building owners finance the retrofits. The company now has projects in 24 cities.

Recently Baird raised $63 million in Series A funding, which he says will help the company scale sustainability upgrades nationally. For today’s curation of innovation and tech articles, the Plug In South LA Beat, we zero in on Baird’s strategy for building his company:

Black-owned ‘Climate Tech’ Startup Making Inner Cities Greener Raises $63 Million

BK Climate Tech CEO Raises $63M to ‘Green’ Buildings, Slams North BK Pipeline

Photo: BlocPower founder and CEO Donnel Baird. Credit: BlocPower

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