Arabian Prince’s Social Impact Incubator Launches in LA

A new LA-based incubator co-founded by songwriter, rapper, producer, DJ, and technologist Arabian Prince just launched to support tech entrepreneurs from marginalized communities. Incub8next aims to take startups from concept to seed funding.

“There are people who have never gotten the opportunity but have everything else they need to succeed in business,” Arabian Prince said in a statement. “With my background, I’ve conjured things out of thin air to make money. So I know the struggle.” In addition to the legendary N.W.A. founding member, Incub8next’s team includes Art + Logic co-founder Paul Hershenson, healthcare entrepreneur Matthew Walk, and sales and marketing pro Aj Kang.

For this Plug In South LA Beat, our curation of must-read tech and innovation articles, we find out how the incubator supports startups focused on health and wellness technologies:

Incub8next, a Social Impact Incubator, Launches to Help Underserved Communities

Photo Credit: Christina @ on Unsplash

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