Latina-Owned Businesses Have $393 Billion Annual Revenue Potential

What does the U.S. economy need for a reboot? Latina business owners’ Midas touch, which has the potential to unlock $393 billion in revenue annually, according to Forbes contributor Sean Salas.

“Data shows that Latinas are entrepreneurial by nature, even when they’ve had to create and build their own opportunities with limited access to capital to grow their businesses,” Beatriz Acevedo, CEO of the fintech content platform SUMA Wealth, told Salas.

In today’s Plug In South LA Beat, our regular curation of relevant tech and innovation articles, let’s explore why Latinas have the unique power to generate sustainable economic growth in the U.S.:

The Midas Touch Of Her / Latina / Ella

Photo: Beatriz Acevedo, CEO of SUMA Wealth. Credit:

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