Black Code Collective Co-Founder Shines Light on Tech Salaries

Taylor Poindexter found out about her own pay inequity almost by chance. While working as a tech consultant, she learned from speaking with a colleague that she earned less — despite having the same qualifications.

Now the co-founder of Black Code Collective, a community for Black software developers to share knowledge, is bringing more transparency to compensation in the tech industry. Poindexter created a tech salary survey and shared it with thousands of her Twitter followers.

“Quite a few Black and brown women have sent me messages either on Twitter or other communities I’m in through Slack and told me that since viewing the document, they’ve been brushing off the résumés and getting ready to go somewhere else,” she told Business Insider. For today’s Plug In South LA Beat, we go inside Poindexter’s efforts to raise the salary bar:

This Engineer Realized She Was Underpaid Thanks to Transparency with Coworkers. Now, Her Tech-Salary Survey Aims to Help Others.

Photo: Black Code Collective co-founder Taylor Poindexter. Credit: Taylor Poindexter on Twitter

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