PocketCFO Announcement

Dear Members,

Hello Plug In Family! We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Plug In South L. A and PocketCFO.

PocketCFO is a Public Benefit Corporation with the social mission of elevating underrepresented groups and promoting gender, racial, ethnic, and neuro-diversity.

As you must be very much aware, at Plug In South LA, we aim to cultivate an inclusive industry as well as break boundaries that have never been done before.

By partnering with PocketCFO we will be expanding our financial wellness services and our mission by working in close partnership.

As part of our partnership, PocketCFO is sponsoring tiered membership for up to 50 members. You must submit an application for review. If you are approved and qualify, we’ll get in touch to provide you with the next steps and onboarding! 

This is not just available for incoming members, if you are already a member you may also apply!  The Tier 2 benefits package includes, 

  • Tier 1 benefits
  • Early access to events
  • Discounts on conferences and community events
  • Founder focused workshops & sessions 
  • Access to partner events and programs
  • Access to Mentor Sessions and Office Hours

We look forward to you joining us on this journey and can’t wait to see you soon. Please submit an application here.

Yours Truly,

-Your Plug In Family

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