Power Huddles


Network & Connect: build a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, founders, investors, VCs, business/tech professionals, and product developers.

Plug In South LA’s Power Huddles are a gamechanger for founders navigating the road to creating value and success. They are an innovative, interactive series that we desigend to help cultivate the next generation of founders in Los Angeles and beyond, connecting them to strategic mentorships, vital buiness resources, and an ever-growing entrepreneurship ecosystem.

It’s in the name. Power. Huddles. We power up and empower founders, through a community huddle with experts. Each session features a guest speaker and workshop session specifically tailored to early-stage founders. When you attend a Power Huddles event, you’ll be exposed to an incredible network and gain the intel you need to level up your own business or career. We’re waiting for you!

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power huddles format

Founder Bite: 10-15 min talk or workshop about critical topics and hurdles all founders face.

Founder Presentations: 4-5 min pitch to understand the founder, their startup, and their needs as a brief but deep get-to-know.

Network & Connect: build a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, founders, investors, VCs, business/tech professionals, and product developers.

power huddles goals / program outcomes

connection: early-stage black and latinx founders are invited to connect with PISLA’s extensive founder and tech communities to build and maintain strategic relationships.

empowerment: share your challenges and work with mentors to set a strategy to take you and your business towards success.

growth: founders leave a Power Huddle with invigorated confidence and a plan to grow their business, team, product, and network.

two ways to get involved. you choose.


sign-up to present if you have:

* a business idea and plan for implementation

* boot-strapped up to this point and are preparing for a pre-seed fund raising round

* raised some money and are facing a challenge that requires advice

benefits / perks:

* workshop your ideas with diverse industry experts and disruptors from LA’s tech community

* showcase your idea and receive immediate and valuable feedback

* learn how to think and act like a successful founder

* close the gaps in your business strategy

* get introductions to key VC and angel investors from Los Angeles’ tech ecosystem

* convert your startup vision into actionable objectives for growing and sclaing your business

audience member

join Power Huddles to:

* observe and absorb real-world applications of the startup journey through the lens of our emerging founders

* experience behind-the-scenes boardroom conversations

* learn strategies for presenting your own startup/ideas

* gain access to the best of PISLA’s extensive founder and tech communities

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