Our Team

Derek Smith

Managing Director,
Plug In Ventures

Audrey Wu

Co-Founder & COO, Ruth Health
EIR, Plug In Ventures

Keith Chaney

Founder & CEO, Peadbo
EIR, Plug In Ventures

Remy Meraz

Co-Founder & CEO, Zella Life
EIR, Plug In Ventures

Phoebe He

Accelerator Intern,
Plug In Ventures

Board of Directors

Janice McNair

Strategic CFO,
VC & PE backed Companies

Jessica Salinas

Chief Investment Officer,
New Media Ventures

Kathyrne Cooper

Jumpstart Nova

Kevin Amoo-Mensah

Client Strategist,
BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Dr. Maurice Murphey

Assistant Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship,
University of Georgia's Terry College of Business

Sergio Rosas

Founder & CEO,
Next Shift Learning

Shawn Gunn

Co-Founder & Board Member,