Plug In Accelerator Cohort 4

Plug In’s Tech Accelerator Program stimulates opportunities for dynamic businesses and business owners in our Black and Latinx communities. We create success by enabling and supporting startups and entrepreneurs in diverse communities around the country. We’re happy to announce our Founders from Cohort 4 below.

Aubrey Gibson
Founder, Myvoluntier

MyVoluntier is a virtual civic engagement hub, akin to a 'LinkedIn for civic engagement,' centralizing community initiatives, events, resources, fundraising, and volunteers to inspire social connection and drive collective impact.

Carlos Rivera
Founder, Subler

Subler is a B2B/C SAAS marketplace that connects schools with communities, making it easy for event organizers to find and rent school spaces. Subler simplifies the rental process by centralizing new leads, creating leases, and collecting rent — all in one place.

Darren Black
CEO, Prosperety Technologies Inc.

Prosperety Technologies Inc. is a fintech SaaS platform that helps small businesses succeed financially with: the right customers at a reasonable cost, unlimited access to no-fee, no-credit-check, no-revenue, capital from consumers and the ability to easily build and get business credit.

Emily Woodman-nance
CEO & Co-Founder, At Their Side

At Their Side is a 24/7 healthcare status platform that enables healthcare providers to communicate with families, allowing staff to dedicate more time to providing care rather than being occupied with phones.

Horace Flournoy
CEO & Founder, Swaybrand

SwayBrand is a marketplace that connects brands with creators for on-location user-generated content. They aim to be the new studio for creators and help brands reach new audiences through authentic, personalized content.

Keith Chaney
Co-Founder & CEO, Peadbo

Peadbo (short for Personal Advisory Board) is a cloud-based platform that allows users to build and manage teams dedicated to their personal or professional growth and create recurring newsletters for their broader network of supporters and advisors.

Kwamane Liddell
CEO & Founder, Nutrible

Nutrible is a technology platform that provides virtual social service navigation and nutrition-centered chronic care management to vulnerable patients and communities.

Osvaldo Rodriguez
CEO, Upward

Upward helps 5M ride share drivers and delivery workers save at least $2,500 in taxes by automating the process of finding the largest possible deductions, so they pay less when it is time to file.

Talia Boone
CEO, Postal Petals

Postal Petals®, an immersive floral and wellness startup, uses fresh cut flowers and do-it-yourself flower arranging to promote creative expression as a form of mindfulness and self-care.